Mission, Vision, and Core Values

The mission of NOVA Family Services is to provide the highest quality of professional and nurturing care for our residents with developmental disabilities to ensure each individual realizes their greatest human potential.

Our Vision

By employing a growing staff of dedicated professionals, we work closely to promote the fluent delivery of personalized care critical to the needs and direction of every resident. NOVA Family Services vows to protect the health, safety, dignity, and human rights of each person we serve and employ by delivering quality individualized services while fostering self-directed personal development.

Core Values

By maintaining the following strong core values, we encourage both employees and residents to excel within their chosen paths:

Quality Programs

NOVA Family Services consistently and measurably delivers individualized, self-directed development objectives through person-centered thinking.  By working with each individual and his/her authorized representative, NOVA develops activities that include many opportunities for emotional development and stimulation both inside the home and outside the community.  Each NOVA residence maintains an outlined list of scheduled activities, ensuring residents' opportunities for a change in scenery, physical activity, and individual interaction with the general public.  Each month, NOVA devises a new schedule to ensure each resident's needs are met with a sense of adventure, freedom, and lack of monotony.  Although residents are always offered an opportunity to opt out of scheduled activities, it has been the staff's experience that the residents look forward to the personalized activities with excitement and enthusiasm.  NOVA strives to comply with the home and community-based services requirements, which mandate that each resident maintains a right to privacy, dignity, respect, and freedom from coercion and restraint at all times.  Thus, any individual may choose to forego an activity at any time. Likewise, those residents who wish to aid in scheduling desired activities are regularly consulted and provided an opportunity to make recommendations to the NOVA staff.

Quality Direct Support Professionals

NOVA employs the highest quality staff to ensure proper implementation of Person Centered Service Plans and daily care by sharing prompt and comprehensive communications with other staff members and Authorized Representatives.  It is the goal of each NOVA staff member to maintain an open dialogue with all persons necessary to ensure every resident is experiencing a positive home environment full of emotional support, privacy, dignity, respect, and freedom to live his/her individual life with a sense of both independence and inclusion. NOVA's goal is to meet each resident's needs and desires, with the only limitations being those dictated by necessary safety measures based on each resident's aptitude and capability.  Per Home and Community-Based Services standards, all NOVA employees work closely with residents and Authorized Representatives to encourage participation in individualized decisions, which include, but are not limited to, home-based activities; community activities; dietary restrictions; menu preferences; choices of visits to restaurants and/or retail stores; and visitation with non-residents or staff members.

Quality Facilities

All NOVA residences are quality, single-family homes maintained with cheerful, comfortable, and safe environments.  Each resident has a private bedroom with a lockable door and can choose furnishings and paint colors for his/her private space.  All residences are physically accessible to meet the needs of each individual, and each resident has private space free from interference from other residents.  All homes have kitchen/dining areas large enough for residents to enjoy meals together but also have the ability to eat individually whenever so desired. NOVA staff members work continually with one another, its residents, and their Representatives to ensure thoughtful, secure, and enjoyable living conditions are maintained.  NOVA regularly evaluates individual relationships and living environments to promote the best opportunities for cohesive and happy home lives for its residents and visitors. Our residential group homes offer general rights, privacy, freedom, accessibility, and modifications under the HCBS Waiver program.  

Human Rights and General Rights

We are advocates for our residents and are proactive in protecting their Rights and Dignity under DBHDS and Medicaid HCBS.

Health & Safety

The health and safety of our residents are paramount. Our qualified staff follows stringent processes to maintain an environment that supports healthy, safe personal development opportunities.


Resident and family input into positively implemented Plans For Support (PFS) allows for maximizing each person's unique gifts and quality of life.