Quality Care and Facilities

Great programs are flexible enough to customize to unique needs, foster individual self-direction, and take positive, person-centered approaches.

Quality Staff, Quality Care

We strive to find, hire and train the most qualified & experienced staff wherever we provide services.

A Quality Work Environment

We strive to foster a quality work environment where respect for each other is paramount and everyone has input into their work objectives, training, and advancement.

Key Elements of NOVA Staff Excellence

Education & Experience

We hire educated, experienced professionals who have already been successfully working in similar programs.


We provide key initial and ongoing training in HCBS, general rights, human rights, person-centered thinking and planning, therapeutic options, emergency preparedness, first Aid/CPR, medication management, and extensive policy and procedures training.

Staff Match

Staff is assembled and trained based on complementary skills and fit between their skills, certifications, qualifications, and the resident needs.


Keeping good staff is critical and requires a great work environment, specialized training and advancement opportunities, and participation in goal-setting and management.

Caring, Positive Attitude

A great staff must serve with compassion and a positive attitude that becomes contagious to residents and other staff.


We provide excellent compensation that encourages the achievement of each resident's objectives and needs.

Specialized Staff and Contractors

Based on our residents' unique needs, we identify and collaborate with leading practitioners of specialized services, such as nutritionists, psychiatrists, and behavioral specialists.

Quality Facilities

Great Programs are Flexible Enough to Customize to Unique Needs, Foster Individual Self-direction, and take Positive, Person-Centered Approaches

  • Clear, measurable objectives
  • Person-Centered Plans for Support (PFS)
  • Constant review and improvement cycles
  • Careful matching of program needs to staffing
  • Quality Program Direction and Management

A Comfortable Home

A house must be home. This includes the decor, functionality, privacy, and opportunities for individual expression that make a home feel secure and comfortable.

Materials and Finishes

We use quality materials and finishes that provide functionality and safety.

Health, Safety & Security

All facilities pass rigorous internal and state inspections and reviews to ensure safe and secure systems and environments.

Fitness for Program Objectives And Resident Needs

Each home must functionally fit to serve the needs of the residents served and the program's objectives to serve them.

Proximity to Enrichment Activities and Staff

Close to community enrichment activities and a variety of quality staff is important, as is proximity to medical care and major transportation infrastructure.